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What is Chess Tutors?

Founded in 2002, Chess Tutors, a diverse, talented cadre of dedicated tutors have collectively reached an estimated 100,000 elementary school students and by extension their parents with the game of life, chess. Many parents, communities and school districts consider our Company "Chess Tutors" the "Head Start program of chess" because of our success in capturing the imagination, interest and enthusiasm of previously uninitiated children for this ancient game of Kings.


From Palos Verdes to Compton, from Manhattan Beach to Orange County and from East LA to Beverly Hills we have demonstrated our motto of making "serious learning fun" while appealing to a widely varying demographic of children.


In effect, we are the ones who ensure that chess makes a good "first impression. "While the overwhelming majority of chess programs may — to varying degrees — do a fine job of teaching the mechanics of the game, strategy and overall board consciousness, we on the other hand are far more concerned with encouraginglife masters than we are chess masters. We do this by teaching children how to apply the lessons of the board to their every day critical decision making.


We have published the first in a series of story books wherein we dramatize and demonstrate exactly how those lessons may be drawn and applied. Our CHESSLIFE STRATEGIES Book Series has been acknowledged by Maria Shriver with a cover endorsement by Dr. Bill Cosby.

Beyond the scope of the Board:

Chess Tutors was developed by concerned parents to heighten cognition, instill advanced decision making skills, promote education and encourage students to become lifelong learners, as well as responsible citizens. Chess Test Tutors is designed to train at-risk youth to translate and apply the winning strategies they learn on the chess board into winning strategies in life.

Recognizing that "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop," we saw in chess a singularly effective tool to instill logic, personal responsibility and an appreciation for intellectual achievement. Like no other reasoning activity, chess provides immediate consequences and immediate rewards.

Business Partner of the Year:

Acknowledged "Business Partner of the Year" by the California Legislature Assembly, the County of Los Angeles, the State Senate, the Culver City Education Foundation and Miller Toyota!

With a strong focus on intellectual achievement and personal responsibility we at Chess Tutors are more concerned with developing life masters than chess masters.

With that in mind, Chess Test Tutors looks to help students develop and refine life skills as well as their academic proficiencies. Students learn under the guidance of a team of supplemental educators who have been trained to make learning fun.

Our concentrated instructional techniques have proven to enhance cognition, critical thinking, mental discipline and problem solving skills in an atmosphere of fun.

As a pioneering California Certified Supplemental Educational State Approval Providers, under the national Leave No Child Behind initiative. Chess Test Tutors became federally funded to provide Engish and math tutoring in 2004. However, our Chess Tutorial services have been sustained and expanded through the tremendous support of parents, schools, sponsors i.e. public or private contibutions. (Special thanks to the Weingart Foundation for their generous support).

We are proud to provide our services for the following school districts:

Inglewood, Long Beach, Culver City, El Segundo, Burbank, La Mirada, Wiseburn, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Lakewood, Beverly Hills and LAUSD.

Breaking Down Barriers . Bridging Communities

In an effort to promote literacy we partnered with the Los Angeles Times in the fall of 2003. We were designated as the exclusive chess program for Arnold Schwarzenegger's After-School Youth Program in the spring of 2004. This was also the year that we established the Grand Match Gala a Annual Chess Tournament that would provide an opportunity for students from various schools to test and measure their developing skills in full fledged tournament play. We invite you to watch a short 4 minute video of our latest Tournament of Champions Grand Match Gala of which our students work hard in preparation for every year: VIEW VIDEO

By 2005 we received recognition for our contribution toward helping two LAUSD schools attain the California Distinguished school designation.

Using rhymes, songs, stories and poems, we are proud to report we have already introduced the game of life to thousands upon thousands of children from every racial, cultural and economic strata of our greater Los Angeles community (at absolutely no cost). Ideally, however, we hope to attract the attention and resources necessary to enable us to focus more exclusively on communities with the greatest need.

Our Teaching Methodology

We use chess as a vehicle to capture students' interest in learning. Our aim is to give students in the K—8th grades confidence that they can learn the strategies and techniques of chess and apply them to other areas of their lives. They learn to take responsibility for every move they make in life as well as on the chess board. In the most practical terms they learn concentration skills necessary to master any academic discipline. Chess Tutors is more than a teaching tool, it is the instruction and application of life-skills.


Our Chess Tutors method relies heavily on the Psychological Learning Theory, which utilizes memory, pattern recognition, decision-making and reinforcement. All of these concepts are reinforced during our competitive chess sessions, enhancing cognitive skills.


We are training the young minds of today for a greater scholastic achievement tomorrow. Chess Tutors is an organized, insured and reliable organization. Our staff handles all administrative issues and class scheduling without imposing added responsibilities to school's staff.


What is Educators Plus / Supplemental Service Provider?

Educators Plus/Chess Test Tutors is an organized, insured and reliable, non-profit, California Certified, Supplemental Educational Service Provider. We provide a fun alternative to attaining the rudimentary skills. The student's progress weekly as we review and reinforce the curriculum previously taught.

Our Instructors have been active making serious learning fun for grades K-8th in schools throughout Los Angeles. Some districts include Torrance, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Norwalk, Palos Verde's, Cerritos, Inglewood, Lakewood, La Mirada and LAUSD.


The impact of our Supplemental Educators in schools has been featured in the Our Weekly and Daily Breeze newspapers, as well as in the local KCBS and Channel 22 news.

Educators Plus, founded in 2004, is an outgrowth of the Chess Tutors program originally called Chess Test Tutors. It is an English and math tutorial company. In just a few short years, Educators Plus has experienced great success. We are proud to say we have gainfully employed well over 70 supplemental educators since our inception.

We Make Serious Learning Fun!

Chess Helps Enhance Scholastic Skills.

We have introduced the game of chess to 100,000 students, and by extension, their parents.

Earn an invitation to our Annual Grand Match Gala Invitational.

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Address: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 110/771 Los Angeles, CA 90045

Office Phone: 323-251-7010

Work Fax: 310.216.1306


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